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Experience life with sexual abuse as a child

Like the ‘proverbial fly’, it seemed little Anna Marie was ‘caught in a web’ early in life without a way of escape. Like the little ‘fly’ fighting to get out — the more she tried to escape — the more she became entangled in the ‘web’.

Anna was ‘in the middle’ of a large family with several older and younger siblings. Her parents owned and operated both a farm and a restaurant in the small town where they lived.

From her story, Anna was an ‘adult in a child’s body’ most of her life. She took care of the big farm house, did the family laundry, fixed and served the meals, and ‘watched the kids’.

Anna matured at a very young age. In her adolescent-teenage years, she was a ‘pretty little red-head’ and, already, was ‘turning the heads’ of the boys and ‘capturing the hearts’ of the young men.

“It was at this time that the ‘damage’ began…’!” she said.

Anna’s Dad, a farmer, was at home much of the time. Her Mother was at the restaurant every day from ‘dawn until dusk,’ and, at times, later. The perfect opportunity presented itself as Anna was ‘at home – alone — watchin’ the kids’.

Her Dad saw this opportunity and took advantage of his own daughter – young Anna!

Through these years and into young adult life, Anna carried the ‘burden’ of this horrible story in her heart and mind until one day… her Mother began asking questions!

Anna could not keep ‘the story’ to herself any longer. Tearfully, she ‘unburdened’ her lonely soul and told her Mother… just enough to hopefully keep the same thing from happening to her younger sister.

“I was afraid to tell anybody what was happening… I thought no one would ever believe me,” she cried.

Thankfully, a loving Mother’s heart ‘believed’ Anna’s story!

About The Author

Anna Marie

This book represents the beginning of ‘My Life’s Journey’. Many unpleasant things happened in my first eighteen years, however, I chose to relate only those that had the most affect as ‘My Journey’ continued.

I hope you are watching for the release of my second book, Anna’s Hidden Life: The Downward Spiral. Discover how a bright, young, beautiful woman who seemed to have everything, struggled to find her place in life.

As you read this book, you will find that there were times when ‘I felt that life was too hard and not worth living’. I struggled daily, hourly and sometimes, minute-by- minute, with the thought of… ‘Ending it all’!

But please continue to follow ‘My Life’s Journey’ because… I have Good News for you. There IS ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel’!

My final book in this series will be, Anna’s Hidden Life: The Road to Recovery.

"The writings of these books will be worth all my time and tears if even one person overcomes the mental torture and anguish with which I struggled."

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it may change your life

The thought of your own ‘recovery’ may seem impossible, yet ‘recovery’ can be achieved! Some of the events of your past may remain in your memory after suffering such a dramatic childhood but… remember, you are loved and there are many who are willing and anxious to help you ‘erase’ the sting of those devastating memories.

Overcome… the horrid moments as ‘The Damage Begins’! Arise… flee from ‘The Downward Spiral’! Merge… onto the Highway of Life and find yourself on… ‘The Road to Recovery’!